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Ballet Barre

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Is the ballet barre for a warm up?

The use a ballet barre can build good habits and bad habits. We want only the good ballet barre habits, right? It is very important not to use a ballet barre until you reach the proper height, and proper understand of how to place your hand on ballet barre. Your ballet teacher might have more ideas before you reach a ballet barre. The ballet barre gives you the support, say as a third leg or third arm. It helps your body use the proper muscle. However not using the ballet barre proper, you could develop the wrong muscles and rely too much on the support of the ballet barre.

"You don't bring the ballet barre on the center stage." Jacklyn Dougherty.

There is one ballet variation that does bring the ballet barre on stage. It's only one, so don't rely on the ballet barre. The fact is most of us ballerinas are trying to reach the 32 Swan Lake fouetté, no ballet barre included. So do we skip the ballet barre. Yes if you are a beginner ballerinas, wait till your tiny muscles developed and your ballet teacher approves. Older ballerinas, the ballet barre is a amazing way to improve ballet technique. It will help you prepare for ballet exams and ballet auditions. A ballet student should warm up before class and cool down after class. Ballet classes is formed to learn and improve ballet technique. Ballet class is a progression of ballet terminology movements, the ABC of ballet technical movements, not a exercise class. The proper use of the ballet barre will help you reach your center stage. When you reach the ballet barre level, don't skip it. When using the ballet barre make sure you are doing the progress ending with a proper ballet barre stretch finish. Ballet barre progress is in this order Plie, Battement Tendu, Battement Glisse, Ronde de Jambe a Terre, Battement Fondu, Battement Frappe, Petit Battement, developpes, Adage, Grande Battement, and Ballet Stretch. Don't not skip any part of the ballet barre progression. Ballet barre is not a warm up.

To learn how to do ballet terminology check out Dougherty Ballet page.

May you reach your center stage.

Much Love,

Jacklyn Dougherty and Joni Dougherty

Tower of Old Pointe Shoes Photo Credit Jacklyn Dougherty ballet teacher resources, book, information
Tower of Old Pointe Shoes Photo Credit Jacklyn Dougherty

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