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Graduation Time

Dear Mommy

Thank you for dedicating all your time to me. I am grateful for all the education opportunities you have provided me most important Catholic school education. We have taken every step together, I am Beyond blessed to have you by my side.

The skills you have supportive me in achieving ; School, Ballet, Piano, Violin, Singing, Golf, and Basketball. Through it all we maintained his Holy Day Holy. You gave me the best build block by raising me in the image and likeness of God.

The laughter, the love, the joy, so many memories and more to come, never a dry moments with the two of us. I know the joy you feel today, the pounding heart and water eyes, as it's the same feelings I had when I watched you receive your Masters Degree. To be two degree seek women, you working on Doctoral, and me starting my college education. Together we can conquer it all.

When I hit big, I will hook a mother up!

Love your daughter,


Graduation poem dedication Jacklyn Dougherty
Jacklyn Dougherty

Dear Poppy

Where do I start, You are an amazing Grand-Father. I am grateful for all you have provide me. Thank you for supporting all my endeavors.

Every step you have been supporting and cheering me on from School, Shows, and Sports event. My favorite is when you attend Mass with me.

I treasure all the time we spent together. The stories you share and knowledge you give me. I love playing golf with you. You are a blessing from God.

The future is bright, because of all you have given me.

When I get an Albatross, I will buy you a Pink Cadillac.

Love your Favorite Granddaughter,


Amazing graduation high school senior photo tips and ideas.  Jacklyn Dougherty
Jacklyn Dougherty

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